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Micro structure simul.
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Micro structure simulations

To investigate the physical effects inside cellular structures it is beneficial to model the single structure bars and surfaces in detail in CFD and FEM. Generally only parts of a system can be modelled due to the very large number of cells involved in such models. With parallel computing platforms like clusters and a parallelised computation software even those highly sampled micro structure models can be solved. TinniT is using these parallel methods since many years. By a suitable approximation of the micro structure model solution to larger applications the cellular material can then be described as a porous structure and calculation times stay within reasonable limits even for real-life dimensions.

Micro structure simulations are used by TinniT for a large variety of cellular materials:

  • spacer fabrics
  • foam structures
  • medical filters
  • bar structures

For calculations TinniT's own CFD solver TinFlow as well as the solvers Pace3D (Phase field method) from IAM Institut (KIT) or even open source CFD codes like OpenFOAM can be used.

Bild "textil_temp_vel.png"

Calculated temperature and velocity distribution in a spacer fabric