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Structure mechanics
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Structure mechanics

The finite element method (FEM) is used to predict the strength of structures under load. It can also be used to find the eigenfrequencies (natural harmonics) or frequency response characteristics. It is widely used in industry to perform those analyses for components or systems. To do that, a software is needed for solving the conservation equations numerically. Nowadays pre-processors are available for modeling, able to import geometry data from CAD systems directly. The following calculations are offered by TinniT:

  • strength calculations linear / non-linear for any component and sandwich systems
  • eigenfrequencies analysis
  • frequency response analysis
  • thermal analysis, calculation of temperature-induced tension

For these calculations TinniT uses commercial and open source solvers. As and when required special adaptions of tasks for automatic calculations can be done (with open source codes). For pre- and post-processing TinniT uses an own tool named "MeshLink". In case of coupled tasks (flow and structure) coupled solvers or iterative methods can be used.

Bild "schale.png"

Temperature and tension analysis of a nickel shell